11 Tips to Avoid Overeating


You can overeat healthy foods. I repeat, you can overeat healthy foods, especially our starchier friends like potatoes, squash, and rice.  We don't count calories or measure around here, so I teach my clients and

11 Tips to Avoid Overeating2023-08-03T09:19:11-04:00

A Note on “Letting Go”


“Just let it go” - let’s talk about this one for a moment. Most of us don’t have a magic button for this. Some things, we need to ‘just let them be’ for now. Some

A Note on “Letting Go”2019-10-30T21:08:12-04:00

Breathing Under Fire


Just a few hours after a major abdominal surgery, I was now recovering in the ICU. Rarely was I alone during this week in the hospital, but in this moment, I was. It was black

Breathing Under Fire2019-06-10T12:45:43-04:00
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