Slow Cooker

Cooking Method: Slow Cooker

Winter-spiced Apple Sauce (slow cooker)

This homemade applesauce is made multiple times in my kitchen in the fall and winter. The aromas from whole spices are other worldly delicious.. If you aren't sure that apple sauce can be indulgent, give this slow cooker spiced version a try. And if you have a vanilla bean hanging out in your pantry or have a special occasion, slice it open and drop it in for truly swoonworthy applesauce experience.

By Shelly Rose

Nourishing Bone Broth

Enjoyed for hundreds of years around the world and the true medicine behind grandma's chicken soup, bone broth is in the spotlight for good reason. Deeply nourishing with healthy fats, protein, collagen, mineral rich, and full of flavor, this should be a staple in every home. I recommend all of my clients enjoy bone broth, especially if there is GI distress, gut healing, auto-immunity, disease recovery, or simply as a beauty secret for hair, nails, and skin for those wanting that glow that only comes from the inside out. It's also the best broth you'll ever taste. Health aside, the flavor in your home cooking goes up to chef level.

By Shelly Rose


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