Is your pantry stocked to support the healthy lifestyle you want?

Or does it need a refresh?

Healthy habits start with an environment that sets you up for success. It makes better choices easier and ‘less healthy’ choices harder. And whether you just want to have a healthy, functional stocked pantry, are managing a health condition, or have food sensitivities such as being dairy, gluten, or sugar free, a pantry overhaul will help put the structure in place to eat the way you want. A cleaned out, refreshed pantry is often a first step in making huge dietary changes a reality.

Have a Nutritionist and Natural Foods culinary instructor come to your home and guide you through a make over. Here’s what to expect:

  • Discuss any food sensitivities or health conditions to factor into your pantry make over
  • We’ll do a sweep through to remove expired items and items you’ll never use (let’s make room for the new)
  • Another sweep to discuss ultra processed and refined foods with artificial and harmful ingredients that may not be serving your goals
  • We’ll make a list of healthy swaps to restock with including Shelly’s go-to brands with clean ingredients (if you’re in a 1-1 plan, supporting recipes will come with this)
  • Give high fives for the awesome foods you already have in there
  • We’ll cover the best quality fats and oils to cook with (and which ones to ditch asap)
  • Share cost saving tips for buying in bulk, including spices
  • As well as storage tips and techniques to prolong the life of your food
  • An equipment assessment to optimize your time in the kitchen
  • Zero judgment for how messy, outdated, or how embarrassing your current pantry might feel – that’s why you’ve called for help, right?

FEE: $200 in-home pantry make-over (90 minutes), includes driving within 30 min of the city of Richmond (extra charge for greater distance). This service is discounted 10% for existing 1-1 clients with 3, 6, or 12 month plans.

Contact us before buying this service.

”Your expertise in tailoring a diet to my lifestyle and health issues has made selecting, preparing and eating food exciting and interesting again for me. I’ve not only lost 34 lbs and kept it off but my overall health has improved dramatically.”
John S.
“Working with Shelly on a pantry makeover was very eye opening! Though I did pretty well on what I was buying, the simple tricks she showed me about how to group and organize food in my pantry and refrigerator has helped me cut down on food waste.”
Anne Dodson
“Shelly’s retreat was a great way to relax and get away from it all for a few days. The best part: I’m a healthy, hydrated vegan and I still picked up a few nutrition hacks that are helping me live better and train better while I’m back in the real world.”
Laura Miller