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Shelly’s Vanilla Matcha Latte

I love the smoothness and clean energy (no jitters) that matcha provides and especially look to it when I need deep focus. Green tea is one of my daily rituals that I also recommend to my clients. A matcha latte is a fun and more indulgent way to change it up. This version has the option of dates to sweeten and collagen for additional protein and benefits. Be sure to switch to decaf or mind your caffeine intake if you're sensitive to it.

By Shelly Rose

Chaga Chocolate Date Balls

Flavorful bites of energy, blood sugar balancing, with immune boosting benefits to boot! Perfect for an afternoon pick up with a cup of tea or to curb a sweet tooth.

By Shelly Rose

Garlic-roasted Brussel Sprouts

Keep this flavorful, easy-roasted Brussel sprout recipe in your back pocket for quick dinners. They also re-heat nicely and serve well for breakfast or lunch as well. Too simple, right?

By Shelly Rose


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