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Winter-spiced Apple Sauce (slow cooker)

This homemade applesauce is made multiple times in my kitchen in the fall and winter. The aromas from whole spices are other worldly delicious.. If you aren't sure that apple sauce can be indulgent, give this slow cooker spiced version a try. And if you have a vanilla bean hanging out in your pantry or have a special occasion, slice it open and drop it in for truly swoonworthy applesauce experience.

By Shelly Rose


Congee is a soothing and savory rice porridge commonly served in Asian countries. You can certainly eat it just because any time of the year, but I especially like to make it on cold and slow wintery days, if a loved one is under the weather with very little appetite, or in a healing state (it's so gentle on the gut).

You can also serve this with a soft or hard boiled egg, shrimp, or fish. Some people even like to crack an egg into the congee and allow the egg to cook in that way. It really is a blank canvas so add whatever lights you up... like spices, roasted sweet potato, a splash of ume plum vinegar, gomasio seasoning, or seaweed.

If you want to make your own homemade Nourishing Bone Broth, try this recipe.

By Shelly Rose

Braised Fennel Bulbs

While sliced and shaved fennel is fantastic in salads and stirfries, this is a fun way to fully appreciate the funky, beautiful whole shape of a fennel bulb. This slow-cooked braising method yields an incredibly tender and flavorful fennel bulb. If you have a bigger pan, make a bigger batch.

By Shelly Rose

Ginger & Lemon Tea w/ Raw Honey

Bring your lemon water up a notch. Keep these therapeutic ingredients on hand in your kitchen and medicine is always in reach during the colder months. This simple tea is warming, cleansing, nourishes the liver, the skin and can be drank daily or as needed with the onset of acute illness. You can also omit the lemon and enjoy the ginger honey as a tonic to settle an upset stomach or to quell nausea.

By Shelly Rose

Carrot, Pear, & Nutmeg-scented Oats w/ Mascarpone

This date-sweetened steel oats blend is one of my winter favorites. Each flavor is a delight in of itself with the radiant color from the raw carrot, the creaminess from the Italian cheese, the nuttiness and extra protein from the cashew butter, and finally the bright citrus lift that you only get from fresh grated nutmeg. It's highly recommended though you could sub with pre-ground if you need to.

By Shelly Rose

Garlic-roasted Brussel Sprouts

Keep this flavorful, easy-roasted Brussel sprout recipe in your back pocket for quick dinners. They also re-heat nicely and serve well for breakfast or lunch as well. Too simple, right?

By Shelly Rose

Lemon Rosemary Seared Salmon

Fish can be intimidating, but a simple pan sear with oil, salt, pepper, lemon, garlic, and a fresh herb is fail safe. It's a fast and tasty way to have this superfood on the regular.

By Shelly Rose

Chai Turmeric Latte

Your classic non-dairy, homemade, chai tea latte with an extra punch of turmeric. Or a turmeric latte meets a chai latte. However you see it, let's get some more turmeric in our bodies, shall we? This simple drink is a tasty, warming, therapeutic treat, especially in the winter. It's grounding, nourishing, and has all the spices to help soothe inflammation.

By Shelly Rose

Maple-glazed Walnuts

Such a simple snack and way to mix up the flavor in place of plain nuts. I'll grab a handful of these for a quick snack around the house, add them to salads, crumble them over roasted Brussels sprouts, or have them in my backpack when I'm out and about, or on the trail.

By Shelly Rose

Massaged Rainbow Chard + Pink Lady Apple Salad

This recipe is an adaption from one of my beloved nutrition and therapeutic cooking instructors at Bastyr University, Jennifer Adler. It's tweaked for a fall flare and was created for a lifestyle design conference workshop for lady entrepreneurs (RebelleCon) who want to make nutrition delicious and sustainable in their busy lives.

By Shelly Rose


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