May you wake up each morning knowing peace and joy from your tippy toes to the top of your head. Whether you get up at 5AM for CrossFit or stay snuggled up in your bed.

May you continually witness sunsets that take your words and breath away; that fill you up with gratitude and make you want to get outside and play.

May you pause each day to breathe, and long enough to listen to your own body’s beautiful wisdom, tuning in; may you know and trust this internal friend, physician, and teacher within.

May you remember you’re far stronger than you might think, in body, spirit, and mind; that you’ll rise with exactly what you need in the moment you need it, this truth you’ll find.

May you catch yourself quickly if you get too busy looking to your left or to your right, getting stuck in the comparison trap; and remember, the best cure is to simply keep being true to thyself, and then … go take a nap.

May you always remember that words are powerful, whether said in your head or shouted out loud; that next time you’re swift to judge yourself or another, bless instead, and you’ll stand out from the crowd.

May you remember that if something’s important to you, you’ll make time for it and if it’s not, you won’t; excuses are excuses, and if you don’t like making them, then don’t. 😉

May you turn off your notifications with ease and put your little pocket computer down; may you sit still, look up, look around, and go to the bathroom alone (without your phone).

May love fill every cell in your body and all the space around you this new year; may you be generous, gracious, gritty, living fully and without fear.

May you savor many days outdoors, with sweat on your neck, messy head of hair, don’t care; may you enjoy more of life this year with no make-up on your face and more dirt under your nails.

And finally, may you sleep sweetly under a star-filled sky; may campfires always soothe your soul; may the mountain air fill you up and the kisses from the sun kiss like no other and make you whole.


With much love,