Nutrition Talks & Workshops

Whole foods based nutrition classes for businesses and groups

From tried and true traditions to the latest in nutrition science

You’ll get a well-rounded take on nutrition. Plus you can ask those weird and curious questions that have been on your mind lately.

These interactive nutrition classes are designed to get your group smart in whole foods nutrition and how to implement it in the home. There’s no shortage of nutrition advice out there. We’ll drill down to what you really need to know to make eating well sustainable – not stressful and short-lived.

Classes are held for businesses, events/conferences, medical practices, schools, and fitness groups. Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Crush Your Sugar Cravings
  • Nutrition & Sleep Health (How to Sleep Better)
  • The 101 of Nutrition & Lifestyle: Building a Solid Foundation
  • Building Habits That Stick
  • How to Quell Inflammation
  • Nutrition Simplified: Balancing Blood Sugar & Regaining Your Energy
  • Meal Planning When You’re Ridiculously Busy
  • How to Eat Healthy When You Don’t Love Cooking
  • How to Stock A Healthy Pantry
  • Whole Foods Nutrition for the Outdoors Person
  • Digestive Health & Mindful Eating: The Mind-Body Connection
  • Healthy Eating On-the-go
  • Nourishing The Heart: Disease Prevention, Care, and Recovery
  • Nutrition for Auto-Immunity
  • Nutrition & Cooking: While Managing Chronic Illness

Contact Shelly to discuss class topics and cost. Talks are held virtually or in-person.

“Shelly’s extensive knowledge and agreeable disposition has been a big hit with our members. Her presentations are well-crafted and very informative, and she clearly puts in the effort to educate. Her passion is obvious and we’re happy to have her as part of the team.”
Bob Taylor, XTEAM Fitness
“I can’t say enough great things about Shelly! We are so lucky to have her unique expertise as a whole foods nutritionist as well as a Chef. She has helped me personally as well as many of my patients with improving their nutrition in the most delicious ways.”
Kristin Andrs, Andrs Wellness Consulting
“Shelly taught a 3-part nutrition series for our company. Her practical, down to earth approach to good nutrition makes her very relatable and easy to follow. I was happy to be able to allow our corporate employees the opportunity to learn from her.”
Michele McCauley, Apex Systems, Inc.