Corporate Wellnness Consulting


Attracting top talent and differentiating your business. Boosting morale and productivity. Supporting your associates’ needs as a person, not just a ‘worker’. Approaching the issue of rising employee health costs from a preventative angle.

Whatever your reason, companies who value their people, their greatest assets, make associate wellness a priority.

We’re not just talking good health insurance coverage. More than ever, a holistic approach that addresses the whole person is needed.

With 18+ years of corporate experience paired with nutrition and culinary expertise, Shelly has a valuable combination of skills to provide guidance and solutions to the rising workplace challenges we see today. She understands the criticality of work/life balance, impacts on job performance, associate happiness, and health. The back-to-back meetings. The stress of trying to juggle it all while balancing personal appointments, family commitments, and making it home in time to get dinner on the table. How hard it can be to find time to actually eat lunch (not in front of a screen), exercise, step outside for fresh air, or even have time for a restroom break!

All those hurdles that seem to make healthy lifestyles and work environments out of reach, we tackle them head on and offer a better way.

We’ll discuss your company’s specific challenges, big ideas, and wellness goals; and then craft a prioritized road map to get you there. Whether you’re looking to launch or re-evaluate your company’s existing wellness plan or have a specific project in mind where you need a Nutrition and Wellness Advisor by your side, Contact us today to get started.

Consulting services are offered on a project basis or by retainer.

Looking for Corporate Wellness Talks for your associates? Learn more about Nutrition Talks here.

Pure Roots has partnered with many corporations, small and large, across Central Virginia, Petersburg, and Charlottesville presenting Nutrition Talks over the lunch hour, for heart health month, as a multi-part nutrition series, as a guest speaker for town halls and breakout sessions.