“Just let it go” – let’s talk about this one for a moment. Most of us don’t have a magic button for this. Some things, we need to ‘just let them be’ for now. Some things need a little time to finish their work. And some of us need to put the “letting go” into action, to see it and feel it as it IS letting go.

Sometimes we need to get it out of our heads, from dark to light, to say it out loud and see it for what it really is.

Sometimes we need a witness. Bring a friend or let the trees stand strong as your witnesses (yes trees are friends too!). Find a natural object like a leaf to give form to the thing you want to let go.

Thank it for what it’s taught you, no matter how small or great the teaching. Take a deep breathe, let it out and let the leaf go into a river and watch it float away. No rushing.

We do things like this all the time and may not even realize the intuitive act is happening. We do it when we quietly and contemplatively watch the leaves fall into the wind and flutter to the ground. This is just one more way of doing it with more intention and to help our minds and spirits find resolution.

You’ll never hear me say, “just let it go”. You will when you’re ready. I hope this is a sweet and healing season for all who need it. Much love.