And never look back. If you get thrills out of feeling thrifty and resourceful in the kitchen, make your own homemade almond or nut milk. Since most of us already have nuts or almond butter in our pantries, and water, this easy recipe is only 5 minutes away.

If you do buy almond milk or other non-dairy milks from the store, just be sure to read your ingredient labels carefully to avoid sugar and other unhealthy ingredients.

BUT, making your own homemade milk wins in my book for several reasons and is the go-to method in my minimalist kitchen:

  • It’s so easy! (did I mention that already?)
  • It costs the same or less than buying a store bought box
  • It taste better!
  • You have control over the quality of ingredients, flavor, consistency, and sweetener
  • It’s more nutrient dense
  • these are basic ingredients that most people have on hand
  • No extra, unnecessary ingredients, just whole foods goodness

Seriously, when I share ridiculously easy culinary tips like these with my Meal Planning and Healthy Shopping Nutrition Consult clients, they look at me like their minds just exploded with almonds and joy.

“Really, that’s it?”

Yes, really! Nuts + water. Blend. Bam.

It’s also quite eye-opening to realize how many unnecessary ingredients can be found in store-bought, pre-packaged milks like carrageenan, added sugar, or the mystery catch all, “natural flavoring”.

It doesn’t get more simple or whole foods than this.

Check out my recipes below and try it for yourself.