Balance & Joy: Keep Your Year End Goals Alive

Balance & Joy: Keep Your Year End Goals Alive


Partner with a nutritionist to help keep your end of year goals alive. Do it with joy and ease. Instead of stress and overwhelm. One-on-one virtual support and a simple plan. Sign up now.

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A one-time offering available through December 1st 2023


To help you keep your year end goals alive (and not burn it all down to the ground at the end of the year).

So you can still fit into your clothes in January.

So you can reduce stress or angst that often comes during this time of year.

So you can practice choosing what you want your life to look like and create more joy and ease.  


What’s Included:

  • one-on-one 45 min virtual planning session
  • a simple and manageable plan created for you
  • 15 min phone call check in


Cost: $111


Shelly will meet with you to learn your goals, challenges, intentions, and maybe how dysfunctional your family is (we all have a little “D” in the family!) for the remainder of 2023. We’ll co-create a plan for you. It’ll be simple and doable. The goal is to bring joy, balance, and ease into the reminder of the year instead of letting rigidity, stress, poor habits, and chaos lead the way.

You can certainly decide to start fresh in January. No shame in that. BUT what if you set clear intentions and made space to create the end of the year you really want? 


Note: this offering does not include an intake of one’s personal history and health conditions. It is intended to set goals and provide support for a healthier wrap to the end of the year. If you have a chronic condition or need deeper support, meal planning, someone who understands your unique health picture and can make recommendations based on that, and can provide ongoing support, please check out the 1-1 Customized Nutrition Plans here

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