Congee is a soothing and savory rice porridge commonly served in Asian countries. You can certainly eat it just because any time of the year, but I especially like to make it on cold and slow wintery days, or if a loved one is under the weather with very little appetite or in a healing state (it’s so gentle on the gut).

You can also serve this with a soft or hard boiled egg, shrimp, or fish to make it a full meal. Some people even like to crack an egg into the congee and allow the egg to cook in that way. It really is a blank canvas so add whatever lights you up… like spices, roasted sweet potato, a splash of ume plum vinegar, gomasio seasoning, or seaweed.

If you want to make your own homemade Nourishing Bone Broth, try this recipe.

I like to set the table up buffet style and allow people to top, drizzle, sprinkle, and flavor their congee to their liking.

Check out the full recipe here and a quick video below.