Pulling this recipe from the archives to bring it front and center. Everyone should know how to make a homemade bone broth or chicken stock. At the very minimum, you simply need: chicken bones, water, apple cider vinegar. Below is my go-to slow cooker recipe with key therapeautic ingredients that I always add into my homemade version. I learned this style of making bone broth from culinary school in the pacific northwest and can’t imagine a broth without the mineral rich goodness of kombu seaweed.

Here’s the recipe: Nourishing Homemade Bone Broth (slow cooker)

Why bone broth? 

Enjoyed for hundreds of years around the world and the true medicine behind grandma’s chicken soup, bone broth is in the spotlight for good reason. Deeply nourishing with healthy fats, protein, collagen, mineral rich, and full of flavor, this should be a staple in every home. I recommend all of my clients enjoy bone broth, especially if there is GI distress, gut healing, auto-immunity, disease recovery, or simply as a beauty secret for hair, nails, and skin for those wanting that glow that only comes from the inside out. It’s also the best broth you’ll ever taste. Health aside, the flavor in your home cooking goes up to chef level.

Ways to enjoy bone broth:

  1. A mug of broth in the morning or before bed
  2. A mug of broth with a teaspoon of miso paste stirred in for a slightly salty kick and a boost of probiotics (white miso is more mellow and red is more robust in flavor)
  3. Use as a base for soups and stews
  4. Use as part of the liquid portion when making grains like rice, quinoa, millet, farro, kasha
  5. Use for homemade sauces where ever chicken or vegetable stock is called for