Winter Foods

How to Make Fire Cider


Ancient medicine that has been passed down through the generations, fire cider, is one natural remedy we should all know how to make in our own homes (along with elderberry syrup). Zesty, zippy, fiery, sweet,

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A must-have winter immune tonic: Elderberry Syrup


A must-have in your home medicine cabinet during cold and flu season: elderberry syrup. These deep purple-blue pigmented berries house potent immune boosting forces. Anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, anti-bacterial, elderberries are surely some of our best health

A must-have winter immune tonic: Elderberry Syrup2019-12-05T14:37:50-05:00

Spice it Up + Keep Warm on the Trail


This one is not for you lucky, natural human furnaces out there. For my fellow outdoor lovers who, without a heavy duty pair of wool socks (or three) and sexy balaclava to wear, you might

Spice it Up + Keep Warm on the Trail2018-02-26T14:56:15-05:00

How to cook whole grains


This is your go-to spot for all things buying, storing, soaking, and cooking whole grains! There's a handy grain cooking chart below for your regular reference. Whole grains are a fantastic source of complex carbohydrates. 

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How’s your night vision?


Did you know that there are certain foods that protect your eyes? These shorter, fall days and longer nights remind us that we could be more intentional about supporting our vision and preventing night blindness. But

How’s your night vision?2018-02-26T14:56:23-05:00
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