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12 Tips for Optimizing Digestion


Where does one begin when it comes to improving digestive health? It can range from minimizing sugar in the diet to getting comprehensive blood and stool panels. For my guided sugar cleanse classes, we spend

12 Tips for Optimizing Digestion2020-11-06T20:09:33-05:00

Choosing Fats & Oils (video)


In this video, I cover: The top 6 fats and oils I recommend to my clients and use in my own home. The types of fats and oils to avoid. How to choose the right

Choosing Fats & Oils (video)2021-10-18T13:24:31-04:00

101 on Healthy fats vs. unhealthy fats


What you should know about FAT Fat has been the enemy for too long. Decades actually (since the 1950s). And still the research does not support that fat is the reason why most of America

101 on Healthy fats vs. unhealthy fats2024-01-16T08:43:22-05:00

Why drink warm lemon water in the morning?


I've long recommended this daily ritual to my 1-1 clients and sugar cleansers as a natural way to support the body's built-in detoxification pathways. The recipe: Juice from 1/2 a lemon added to 8-12 oz

Why drink warm lemon water in the morning?2020-10-25T14:25:40-04:00

June 13th 2020


Hello, dear ones. Coming back to screens and social media after taking a month break, I don’t even know where to begin. Please bear with me. I’m sure my words will fall short. Are any

June 13th 20202021-02-15T17:32:32-05:00

Minty Lime Fruit Medley


It's not terribly fancy to toss fruit together in a bowl, but when you serve this medley with meals, it automatically brings it up a notch. A little effort goes a long way here. Make

Minty Lime Fruit Medley2020-05-09T15:53:51-04:00

Rosemary Maple Roasted Turnips


Turnips can be enjoyed so many ways: raw, shredded into salads, steamed and mashed with other root vegetables like potatoes, parsnips, rutabagas. Alas, roasting is still my favorite way to enjoy them. If you get

Rosemary Maple Roasted Turnips2020-05-09T15:03:20-04:00

How to Make Fire Cider


Ancient medicine that has been passed down through the generations, fire cider, is one natural remedy we should all know how to make in our own homes (along with elderberry syrup). Zesty, zippy, fiery, sweet,

How to Make Fire Cider2019-12-05T17:21:37-05:00


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